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How to Use Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active


How to Use Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active

How to Use Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active - Samsung Galaxy S8 Active support Multi Window and Multitask. By using multiple applications at the same time on this military-grade phone. Learn how do split screen S8 Active, how to control, how to use, customize Galaxy S8 Active and how to disable these features.

How to Use Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active

Samsung S8 Active Apps that support Multi window can be displayed together on a split screen. You can switch between the apps and adjust the size of their display on the screen.
Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active
How to split screen on Galaxy S8 Active

To use Multi Window features you can follow this Galaxy S8 Active manual instructions:

  1. From any screen, touch and hold Recent apps.
  2. Tap Multi window in the title bar to launch an application in split screen view. Only apps that support Multi window will have the Multi window icon in their title bar.
    • Recently opened apps are displayed in the bottom half of the screen.
    • If there are no recently opened apps that support Multi window, or if you want to choose another app, tap More apps.
  3. Tap an app icon to add it to the split screen view.

How to Controls Multi Window on Samsung Galaxy S8 Active?

How to Use Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active
You can modify Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active for apps are displayed with the Window controls in the Multi window view and follow this tutorial:

Tap the middle of the window border for the following options:
  • Snap window: Snap the selected window to the half of the screen it occupies.
  • Switch windows: Switch locations between Multi window apps.
  • Open in pop-up view: Open the selected app in a pop-up window.
  • Close app: Close the selected app.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Multi Window Settings

The following settings are available for Multi window:

1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps.

2. Tap Settings > Advanced features > Multi window.

•To use the Recent apps key to open apps in a split screen view, tap Use Recents button.

•To view an app in pop-up view, tap Pop-up view action.

Note: Multi window is not available for all apps.

How to Disable Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active?
Multi Window Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

As Samsung only removed the settings entry of Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active from the settings page, owners can still access the setting through an app.

So, to disable Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active, you can use a free app named MultiWindow Toggle for Samsung.

Step 1: Install MultiWindow Toggle for Samsung app free from Play store.

And most importantly it is clean: it does not require any special permissions; it does not require any of your personal info.

It does one thing, and one thing only: enable or disable Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active (as well as Galaxy S23, S22, S6, Galaxy Note 8, Fold4, Fold5 and some other Galaxy devices).

To install MultiWindow Toggle for Samsung, you can use the link or search it in Play store.

Once you locate the app, you can install it just like other apps.

Tap Install.
In the permission warning screen, you can find this app does not require any special permissions.

Tap Accept as shown below to install it to your Galaxy S8 Active.

Step 2: Turn on/off Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active

Once the MultiWindow Toggle for Samsung app is installed, you can find it in your Galaxy S8 Active Apps screen.

Of course, you can add it to Home screen.

Tap the app icon for this app to launch the app just like other apps.

In the app interface as shown below, you can find you have only one button to turn off Multi Window on Galaxy S8 Active if it is currently on.

If Multi Window was disabled already, the button will be shown as OFF as shown below. You can tap it to turn on (enable) Multi Window on your device.

If your S8 Active is very responsive: it responds so fast that you have no time to stop.

Sometimes, SamsungS8 Active responds to several accidental taps when you realized the error.

Tapping and holding left Recent button to enter Multi Window button is not the a good choice. Due to the tiny bezel, most Galaxy S8 Active owners probably have entered Multi Window inadvertently at least a few times.

Some owners are looking for settings to disable Multi Window on Active device. Another way to enter Multi Window by dragging down diagonally from either end of the top edge inside supported apps. This will convert the app to pop-up view (floating).

Some Galaxy S8 Active, Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners may also enter Multi Window mode accidentally through this method when they actually just want to scroll the page. Advertisement