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How to Charge Galaxy S8 Active


How to Charge Galaxy S8 Active

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Guide
How to Charge Galaxy S8 Active - Learn Samsung Galaxy S8 Active first charge before you use this new smartphone and get Galaxy S8 battery tips to keep your big battery life without problems.

How to Charge Galaxy S8 Active

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is up for pre-orders on AT&T for now, but will be available in stores from August 11. The AT&T enjoys exclusive S8 Active features only for a few days as carrier provider has also launched a few offers alongside to lure customers.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Guide

For example, a buyer gets the option to get $500 towards a Samsung TV purchased online when you purchase the Galaxy S8 Active on AT&T Next and add DIRECTV as well. Alongside the purchase of the Galaxy S8 Active, you can buy a Samsung Gear S2 for $0.99 or the Gear S3 for $49.99 on a 2-year agreement on AT&T Next. Lastly, the purchase can get you up to $200 in credits if you trade in an eligible smartphone in exchange.
Galaxy S8 Active First Time Charge

You should dry the inside of the charging port before inserting a power connector to charge your device. If the charging port is not fully dry, your device may operate abnormally. For example, it may charge more slowly or overheat.

Your Galaxy S8 Active is powered by a rechargeable, standard Li-Ion battery. A USB charger (charging head and USB cable) is included with the device for charging the battery from any standard outlet.

The battery comes partially charged. You can use the device while charging. For fastest Galaxy S8 Active first time charge, use the Adaptive Fast Charger that came with your device. This charger provides faster charging only when connected to devices that support Adaptive Fast Charging.
How to Charge Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

How to charge Samsung Galaxy S8 Active battery first time?
Here the tutorial in step by step Galaxy S8 Active instructions, follow this manual properly:

1. Insert the USB cable into the USB charger/ Accessory port.
Caution: Use Samsung Galaxy S8 Active fast charging that only charging devices approved by Samsung. Samsung accessories are designed for your device to maximize battery life. Using other accessories may void your warranty and may cause damage.

2. Connect the USB cable to the charging head, and then plug the charging head into a standard outlet.

3. Unplug the charging head from the outlet and remove the USB cable from the device when charging is complete, learn more How to insert and manage Galaxy S8 Active SIM and Memory.

Note: This Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is also compatible with wireless charging devices approved by Samsung, which are sold separately.

When to Charge Galaxy S8 Active Battery

When the battery is low and only a few minutes of operation remain, the device sounds a warning tone at regular intervals. In this condition, your device conserves its remaining battery power by dimming the screen. When the battery level becomes too low, the device automatically turns off.

For a quick check of your Galaxy S8 Active battery level:

View the Galaxy S8 Active battery charge indicator located in the top right corner of your device’s display. A solid battery color indicates battery level S8 active a full charge.

Charging Galaxy S8 Active use Micro-USB Connector
You can use the included Micro-USB connector to connect a Micro-USB cable (such as from your old device) to your new device for charging with the charging head, or for connecting to a computer.
Note: The Micro-USB connector does not support On‑the-Go (OTG) devices such as memory sticks, external hard drives, or keyboard and mouse accessories.

Reverse Charging

The included USB connector allows you to charge another device through a USB cable.
You can also use the USB connector for transferring contacts, photos, and other content from an old device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Tips

While charging, the device and the charger may become hot when using wireless charging or fast charging. This does not affect the device’s lifespan or performance and is in the device’s normal range of operation.

The charger may stop charging if the battery becomes too hot.
If the device heats up while charging the battery:
1. Disconnect the charger from the device and close any running apps.
2. Wait for the device to cool down, and then begin charging the device again.

Galaxy S8 Active Battery Problems and Solutions

If the lower part of the device overheats, check for damage to the connected USB cable.

Solutions: Replace the damaged USB cable with a new Samsung‑approved cable.

If using a wireless charger, do not place foreign materials between the device and the Galaxy Z Fold 4  wireless charger. Advertisement