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Galaxy S8 Stories Album


Galaxy S8 Stories Album

Galaxy S8 Camera Guide
Galaxy S8 Stories Album - We guide you to create, view, share and delete stories on your Samsung Galaxy S8+ /S8.

Galaxy S8 Stories Album

When you capture or save images and videos, the Samsung Galaxy S8 settings will read their date and location tags, sort the images and videos, and then create stories.

How to Create Stories Album on Galaxy S8?
The simple step Galaxy S8 camera guide to create stories automatically, you must capture or save multiple images and videos.

Creating stories on Samsung Galaxy S8
Here how to create stories on Galaxy S8 with various themes.
  1. Launch the Gallery app and tap STORIES.
  2. Tap :→ Create story.
  3. Tick images or videos to include in the story and tap DONE.
  4. Enter a title for the story and tap CREATE.
  5. To add images or videos to a story, select a story and tap ADD.
Galaxy S8 Plus Manual to remove images or videos from a story, select a story, tap : → Edit, tick images or videos to remove, and then tap : → Remove from story.

Sharing Stories on Galaxy S8
You can share your stories album with your contacts.
  1. Launch the Gallery app and tap STORIES.
  2. Select a story to share.
  3. Tap INVITE, select contacts, and then tap DONE.
When your contacts accept the share request, the story will be shared and more images and videos can be added to the story by your contacts.
  1. To use this feature, your phone number must be verified.
  2. You may incur additional charges when sharing files via the mobile network.
  3. If the recipients have not verified their phone numbers or if their devices do not support the feature, a link to the files will be sent to them via text message. Link recipients may not be able to use some features. The link will expire after a certain period.
Galaxy S8 Stories Album

Deleting Samsung Galaxy S8 Stories Album
  1. Launch the Gallery app and tap STORIES.
  2. Tap and hold a story to delete, and tap DELETE.

Syncing Galaxy S8 images and videos with Samsung Cloud
You can sync images and videos saved in Gallery with Samsung Cloud and access them from other devices. You must register and sign in to your Samsung account to use Samsung Cloud.
  • Launch the Gallery app, tap → Settings, and then tap the Samsung Cloud switch to activate it.
Images and videos captured on the device will be automatically saved to Samsung Cloud.

Amazingly, this is actually a composite Galaxy S8 image, we took the the best expressions of each subject and fused them together. There's the Eraser mode, which snaps five shots and then gives you the option to remove annoying objects from the background by merging the best image with one of the others. You'll never have that romantic sunset ruined by a wayward seagull or wandering dog again.

Galaxy S8 Camera Tutorial

Capturing static images isn't the only thing you can do with the Galaxy S8's 12MP rear, 8MP front camera records 1080p HD video too. Also in the mix are slow motion, for those epic action sequences, and fast motion. During recording, you can take a still image by tapping the photo icon in the bottom right corner. You can also force the camera to focus on a certain area by tapping the screen.

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 now support AR emoji, Super Slow motions camera also dual aperture. Lear more to setup Galaxy S9.
Galaxy S8 Camera Guide

Deleting images or videos on Galaxy S8
Some peolpe ask: How to delete photo, image and a video on Samsung Galaxy S8?
Here how to delete:
  • Select an image or a video and tap Delete at the bottom of the screen.
Can I delete multiple images and videos on Galaxy S8?
Sure you can delete multiple images and videos on Galaxy S8. Follow this Galaxy S8 manual instructions below to delete multiple images and videos:
  1. On the Gallery screen, tap and hold an image or a video to delete.
  2. Tick the images or videos to delete.
  3. Tap DELETE.
Taking the perfect Samsung Galaxy S8 image as every seasoned photographer knows, it's what you do to the snap after you've pressed the shutter that counts. The Galaxy S8 comes with a full suite of post-editing facilities, such as brightness and contrast adjustment. Handy if you're particularly taken with a photo but didn't quite get the lighting right. You can also crop your photo to highlight a particular area, which is perfectly possible with the massive Galaxy S8 is capable of grabbing. Advertisement